Today's luxury holiday travellers seek more depth of understanding and immersion into authentic local culture than ever before. They don't just want to SEE but wants to PARTICIPATE. Lavish and sumptuous accommodation, exquisite and unrivalled levels of gastronomy is a must for their choice of luxury. Miles of white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and wildlife parks are the jewels to adorn Sri Lanka. Catch a camp safari tour or a jeep safari tour to witness Sri Lankan big 05 or else participate in an adventure tour for exclusive water sports like kite surfing. More wonders lies ahead. Hot air ballooning tours available from the north central plains of the island and be carried away under blue skies and over the landscape dotted with many little man-made lakes and ancient monuments. Exchange vows and get married in the air, in a hot air balloon! Only very few countries in the world can offer these sorts of luxury assortments in such a small land.

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Kalundewa Retreat

Wake up to the sounds of nature; a flowing lake, rustling trees or birds chirping amid a paddy field. Let the day unfold as the mist reveals majestic mountaintops that blend with the green landscape. Relax as your butler attends to your every requirement.

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